Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Her first hamburger in 30 years!

The flu outbreak is lifted where Catherine lives, so today we were back on track having been apart for 2 weeks. It's now time to decorate Catherine's suite that had been put off, and now her son is to visit at Easter,a refreshing excitement at presenting her new home has taken over! We hopped in the car and travelled 2 minutes away to the neatest cheapest secondhand store just around the corner! What a treat to see Catherine so thrilled at the prospect of shopping on a dime! Seeing as I just helped her downsize and de-clutter, picking up new trinkets seemed silly, but silly was the doctor's orders for the day. Sixty seven dollars, and an hour later, we proudly sauntered to the car with a dusty soon- to- be beautiful crystal lamp, a tiny porcelain pink rosebud night lamp, a German glazed vase, a unique French Cognac bottle (empty unfortunately), and a framed antique painting of red roses! We felt the need to celebrate and landed at McDonald's where we devoured hamburgers, french fries, and banana strawberry smoothies. Catherine voiced how she hasn't had so much fun in a long time, and over 30 years,( if memory served her well), since she has had a hamburger! Sitting across from each other, my Big Mac in hand, Catherine was dismayed that her burger,unlike mine, had no sesame seeds on the bun or lettuce topping her small regular burger! Who knew she would have preferred a Big Mac! I took the crystal lamp home with me, polished it to death with Windex, found a ivory shade for it's top, and wrapped a pink ribbon around it! In the morning Catherine will have a brand new lamp to light her newly decorated suite......for a mere $25.00!!!!!!

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