Monday, 19 December 2011

Kensington Court Visit

Today, I attended a wine and cheese gathering at the beautiful Kensington Court Retirement Community. The people there were so kind , never without a smile, and always wanted to share a story or two. I met a lovely elderly Italian man named Carlo who offered to show my friend and I his suite. Carlo shared his life that comprised his 5 children and his precious wife who passed away in April last year. Oh he had so much to tell us! We were invited to stay and watch his wife's memorial cd, to which we said we would return when time permitted. I feel obliged to return, not just because we said we would, but I want to hear Carlo share his wife's story and the love they shared, sensing how important it was to him to keep her memory alive. He now resides in a one room suite, without his life partner of 60 years, and a lonely silence sat waiting for us to leave. So many of the seniors there were eager to share the story behind the framed photos they carried with them, and I couldn't imagine being there on my own in my later years. I could however see me wanting to tell my life story of my beautiful son, my wonderful friends and the journey that life had offered me. This home of sorts offered ''a writing on the wall'' that predicts where most of us will reside as we grow older. I will probably feel differently as I reach far into my 80's, but for now, there was an urgency to keep laughing, loving and living while I could. Someday will come when I ask a younger person to sit for awhile and hear my story....I so hope they can make the time, if for only to make the day a little less lonely, and long.

Friday, 16 December 2011

December 16....Out with the Girls!

Spent a great lunch with some pretty sassy gals! The total age between the three was 244 yrs!!! My dear Kingsville friend Pat 81, her best friend Ro 82( short for Rosemary!) and my beautiful mom 81who went to high school with Ro over 70 yrs ago! The conversation evolved around the school years, life in the old days, scandals now exposed, who's in rough shape, who's died and who's about to.... I found myself floating above more as a bystander, enjoying the memories shared, watching how well these weathered  minds stepped to the plate when names seemed to vanish, the funny moments, the touching ones and the melancholy that appeared every so often at all the friends and family they'd lost. I began to realize that the immeasurable strength weaved between these women came at a great cost, having lost children, and so many loved ones.There were so many questions to ask them,but time was theirs for just a couple hours, so I kept refilling the tea cups and taking in what life was really about from this vantage point. Once 80 some odd years were covered, hugs and smiles were exchanged, photos taken, and I suddenly felt melancholy at the thought that these precious women would someday be gone from my life. Why the good Lord feels the need to place me with our old folks of the world( knowing full well how attached I get), leaves me fearful of the losses I will encounter ,yet reassured blessings abound await my new journey. There's an urgency to spend time with my mom, wanting her spirit near me for as long as possible....Lunch was shared with 3 remarkable mothers, and I felt priviledged to be in their presence and proud to be in the same club!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

December 15,2011

Finally found a graphics' place that could produce a decal for my car. Reasonably priced templates and  nice efficient young people! I spent another day out in the community introducing S.T.of E.C. The reception has been immensely positive, and hopefully the clientele will be as supportive. Met a relatively young senior who just happened to be visiting a friend at the same time I was, and was so intrigued that he took 20 cards with him to distribute at his card club group! He joked that I should remember his face for it won't be long before I see it again! Great big teddy bear!
I have met many a senior in my short lifespan, all beautiful, wise, vibrant and happy. The training I received spoke of a few elderly folk I would come across that could be rather mean spirited and indifferent. As with all age groups I say, but I can bet that under any senior's questionable temperament lies an affliction of unquestionable sorrow, to which someday we will all experience if we haven't already. The longer we live, life will take from us what it chooses, treat us to loneliness, and take no pity on our fragile vulnerability. There's something to be said for sorrow early on in childhood, for it becomes a valuable resource against further suffering later in life.... I'm ready Lord.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Sometimes there is no explanation for the unexpected events that take place on any given day.So I think the good Lord has much to do with the call I received this morning from a young lady named Solange who works for a prominent retirement home in Essex County. She asked if I would like to be a guest speaker in the new year, discussing my new business, and what services I would provide for the senior sector.What a pleasant and unexpected surprise.
 Doubt and insecurity come together when venturing into new and uncertain territory, and begin to play havoc with one's confidence and dreams.....and then serendipity reminds hope and faith to stand tall. In the end, if the good Lord believes this to be where I shall walk, then walk I will. So as the day ends, it leaves no doubt that no matter the journey in this life, we may believe we steer the ship, but destination and destiny are not ours to decide... we are all placed where we need to be and I am ok with that.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Introduction of Smooth Transitions of Essex County to my community....

Having just returned from Kentucky where I acquired my license to manage this new business that caters to our beloved seniors across Essex County, it was now time to ''pound the pavement'' and let the community know what I have to offer. It took a bit of time to print the business cards and brochures, so in the interim, many advertising venues were tapped, as were friends, family and community acquaintances, all being made aware of my second vocation as advocate for the senior sector.Smooth Transitions was launched in 1995 by Barbara H. Morris after helping several family members move, downsize and help disperse their estates.There are 22 licensees across the States, one in Saskachewan and 2 in Ontario, I being one, and Ingrid Davis servicing the York region. Barbara spends her time training new folks that wish to carry on her mission. S.T. is a reputable, honest and valued service, and purchasing the license came with the promise to uphold the values and ethics sustained since 1995. That I CAN do...without reservation. Now it was time to market not only the name Smooth Transition and what it had to offer, but also to market my reputation and the conviction I hold to honor our seniors as I did the teens entrusted to me during my 30 year teaching career.....