Friday, 24 February 2012

Small room but oh what a magnificent huge miracle!

Took some time today to go peek in on my Elizabeth for she has been on my mind since the move day. I had no idea what to expect, but I should know by now that expectations are useless...especially negative ones. Calling out Liz's name while knocking on her door lets her know it's not a stranger approaching. Her door was opened slightly so I did my little high pitched Carol Burnett call ''Helloooooo'' which rest assured it could only be me. Elizabeth's grin was twice the size of her room!! Her familiar pressed dull grey hair was so fluffy and shiny, you'd think she had her own stylist! ''I didn't know you were coming today. How did you know I needed water??'', she exclaims, as I place 4 water bottles on her little morning table. While I loosen the tabs saving her arthritic bones work, she comes over with her arms outstretched and shares how so happy she is that I didn't forget her. If they only knew that spirits such as hers are unforgettable. I bought her a toothbrush, a scoop for her Epsom salts, an extension cord to hook up her cable,and a white rose that oddly enough matched her fluffy doo. We sat on her little grey love seat while she excitedly shared that she has been down to the dining lounge to eat all 3 meals of the day, the nurse gives her meds at breakfast and dinner, a bath is morning routine, and she drank enough milk to make up for the years it wasn't provided!!!!! Liz continues on about the care she is given, and is now a little worried about getting fat with her tummy full all day. I reassure her that fat is good, and we laugh. We looked in boxes for her winter boots which were now placed behind her door....just in case she finds energy to head outside!! What a remarkable transition for Liz! We can sure learn a great deal from folk who survived the depression, war and poverty, the greatest lesson for me was that Elizabeth's little space was perfect if love, food, support and attention reside within.....and of course, milk! Driving back home didn't compare to driving in. Elizabeth was happy, and even though the other lady at her lunch table kept putting her feet in Liz's space, Elizabeth reassured me that as of tomorrow, that will not be the case. ''I will keep my feet 'strong on floor' and she better watch out!!! That 'a girl, my German friend, that 'a girl!

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