Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Sometimes there is no explanation for the unexpected events that take place on any given day.So I think the good Lord has much to do with the call I received this morning from a young lady named Solange who works for a prominent retirement home in Essex County. She asked if I would like to be a guest speaker in the new year, discussing my new business, and what services I would provide for the senior sector.What a pleasant and unexpected surprise.
 Doubt and insecurity come together when venturing into new and uncertain territory, and begin to play havoc with one's confidence and dreams.....and then serendipity reminds hope and faith to stand tall. In the end, if the good Lord believes this to be where I shall walk, then walk I will. So as the day ends, it leaves no doubt that no matter the journey in this life, we may believe we steer the ship, but destination and destiny are not ours to decide... we are all placed where we need to be and I am ok with that.

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