Friday, 16 December 2011

December 16....Out with the Girls!

Spent a great lunch with some pretty sassy gals! The total age between the three was 244 yrs!!! My dear Kingsville friend Pat 81, her best friend Ro 82( short for Rosemary!) and my beautiful mom 81who went to high school with Ro over 70 yrs ago! The conversation evolved around the school years, life in the old days, scandals now exposed, who's in rough shape, who's died and who's about to.... I found myself floating above more as a bystander, enjoying the memories shared, watching how well these weathered  minds stepped to the plate when names seemed to vanish, the funny moments, the touching ones and the melancholy that appeared every so often at all the friends and family they'd lost. I began to realize that the immeasurable strength weaved between these women came at a great cost, having lost children, and so many loved ones.There were so many questions to ask them,but time was theirs for just a couple hours, so I kept refilling the tea cups and taking in what life was really about from this vantage point. Once 80 some odd years were covered, hugs and smiles were exchanged, photos taken, and I suddenly felt melancholy at the thought that these precious women would someday be gone from my life. Why the good Lord feels the need to place me with our old folks of the world( knowing full well how attached I get), leaves me fearful of the losses I will encounter ,yet reassured blessings abound await my new journey. There's an urgency to spend time with my mom, wanting her spirit near me for as long as possible....Lunch was shared with 3 remarkable mothers, and I felt priviledged to be in their presence and proud to be in the same club!

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