Thursday, 15 December 2011

December 15,2011

Finally found a graphics' place that could produce a decal for my car. Reasonably priced templates and  nice efficient young people! I spent another day out in the community introducing S.T.of E.C. The reception has been immensely positive, and hopefully the clientele will be as supportive. Met a relatively young senior who just happened to be visiting a friend at the same time I was, and was so intrigued that he took 20 cards with him to distribute at his card club group! He joked that I should remember his face for it won't be long before I see it again! Great big teddy bear!
I have met many a senior in my short lifespan, all beautiful, wise, vibrant and happy. The training I received spoke of a few elderly folk I would come across that could be rather mean spirited and indifferent. As with all age groups I say, but I can bet that under any senior's questionable temperament lies an affliction of unquestionable sorrow, to which someday we will all experience if we haven't already. The longer we live, life will take from us what it chooses, treat us to loneliness, and take no pity on our fragile vulnerability. There's something to be said for sorrow early on in childhood, for it becomes a valuable resource against further suffering later in life.... I'm ready Lord.

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