Friday, 10 February 2012

Feb.10 New client...but only for a moment.

Today I had the profound pleasure of meeting a darling warm woman of 89!'' Liz # 1'' as she wants to be called, greeted me with open and trusting arms, and a smile that honoured my existence. Liz will be relocating to a unit that provides more assisted care in administering her meds. Her new suite has the largest balcony I have ever seen, contrary to her recent room that has but a window or two for viewing. My excitement while describing her outdoor space brought a wide childlike grin to Liz's face, and she knew immediately which chair would fit there! We sat and discussed which items she absolutely had to have, and other than noting her bed set and couch, her little stereo, a few tables and a light or two, she wanted for very little. On her desk sat a photo of her and her husband Ted, who she described as the most beautiful human she has ever known. Liz was so stately and beautiful in her lace wedding gown, that simple innocent beauty still gracing her face. How do I address business when a listening ear is all she asks for? How can I not think of my mom and that someday she will want for a moment of someone's time, and so grateful to get even a second? Denying myself a glimpse into the life of such a old soul seems impossible to do, and certainly not what I want to do. My dearest friends are over 80, and to see them as business clients would be foreign to me. So while Liz shared many memories, we organized our time together and decided where the 'little she had' would go. Our next visit, I will take Liz to her new suite, which lies empty and cleaned, and we can decide where she wants to place her belongings. We will methodically go closet to drawer to cabinet and suggest ways to diminish her treasures until she is satisfied. All she asks is that white sheer curtains be placed over the large window, and her rocker and little wooden chair be for the porched balcony. I think I can manage that....and a million more little things that will hopefully make her last bit of home her happiest. What an honour to be part of her life. I hope I measure up....

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