Monday, 6 February 2012

Catherine has overcome the flu!!!

Almost 3 weeks since Catherine took ill, we are now well enough to continue the work we started with organizing her suite, unpacking and finishing a rather large task. It takes very little to comfort any anxiety that comes with being older, a kind reassuring word and a free ear goes a long way. Our day was rather long, not for me but certainly for Catherine, as we took 5 hours to check many of the chores off the list.She has no idea how courageous and strong she is, having moved not only from one city to another, but also from another country....alone as well! As more time is spent with our seniors, I begin to understand the uncertainty, and self-criticism they are plagued with from one moment to another.Coming to terms with getting older, coping with physical and intellectual matters with greater uncertainty and less faith, opens the door to fear, rejection and loneliness. Catherine feels the need to apologize every other moment, feeling she is not worthy of another's help. I quipped that if I were to charge her $100.00 for all the countless insensitive remarks she subjects her spirit to, I would be a millionnaire! The saddest part of this remains her inability to see her strengths, her kind soul, her beauty, her worth. What becomes of us from our self assured 50's to our doubting 70's and 80's?  Is there anything we can do to bottle the confidence of our youth and middle years? Can we somehow dismiss as quickly as we demean? Does society play a role in assuring our seniors of their valued place among us? Will anything I say to Catherine make a difference to her esteem? Being a defender and staunch advocate of love and kindness, while I work the remaining days with Catherine, it will be the moments in between I'll fill with the power of persuasion, suggesting all that she is entitled to and worthy of....wish me luck....wish her.. .acceptance.

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