Friday, 10 February 2012

Keepers of the Gate

In the last 4 weeks I have toured several Retirement Communities while educating myself to the services  available to those seniors thinking of retiring from their family homes. To speak of the ''bells and whistles'' that accommodate these facilities, the newest and most trendy, to the communities that have sheltered the older population for decades, seems irrelevant if the care is substandard. On the contrary, the most remarkable, compassionate, loving women dominate the field, mostly baby boomers themselves, spirit keepers to our aged parents and grandparents. The elite facilities that take your breath away upon entry, will never fool the senior who knows better that things of beauty and wealth matter so little if they do not feel loved and accepted. Many of my appointments involved touring the premises with the Director or Manager, but we never quite made the tour. Rather we spent time talking of our elders and the reverence they are entitled to, our children whom we hope will carry the torch bright with empathy for our aged families, the mission we feel we must pursue all in honour and gratitude to the 70,80, and 90 year olds that grace our earth. I felt so comforted knowing the likes of women like Barbara, Gloria, Theresa, Louise, Lisa, and Amy are out there with patient and devoted hearts, making the longest of days seem short and memorable for those, who at times, find the hours without end. Kudos to those that watch over mom and dad when we can't, to those selfless individuals that care when others don't...I remain grateful.

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