Thursday, 12 January 2012

At day's first client!!!!

What a great and exciting way to end a very long yet productive day!! A manager at a Windsor Retirement Facility ( taught her 23 years ago!) happened across my write-up in Windsor Business Magazine, connected with me  and provided Smooth Transitions Of Essex County it's first new client! God bless you Lisa!What an exhilirating feeling after all the hard legwork, to now have the business off the ground! There were so many wonderful gals I came across today who embraced this new journey of mine, and even promoted it while I was at the hospital today waiting on Tom's appointment. To the prettiest smiling face in the Endoscopy lab, dear Linda, for always sharing selfless acts of kindness at every turn, to whom I am most grateful.To my son Ben who was without words when realizing his mom was on Linkedin....shocked that I was ''linked in'' to anything, and rooting me on in my second career! Then there's Anne, a kind soft spoken lady who took time out of her busy schedule to meet with me and share the wisdom and insights she has collected while caring for seniors. There was an interview where the individual questioned the strategy I'd need to be successful in business, to which I replied, ''It's rather simple. There's no secret formula, no 100 page business plan, no intense research. This isn't a business, really, it's a vocation to which I will implement the same philosophy used in teaching for 30 years. Be it child or senior that stands beside me, I must remember, that someone out there thinks they are the cats meow and therefore worthy of the best I can offer.'' I'll learn how to write an invoice, but more importantly, I'll listen to the little voice within that has been a trustworthy beacon to me...all of my life.

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  1. So proud of you in this new endeavor, but as you have already said, it's really just a transition from caring for your students.. looking at it from a different perspective. Good on ya, my friend! :)