Friday, 13 January 2012

Smooth Transitions of Essex County has its' FIRST CLIENT!!!

This morning I woke to my phone ringing with text messages! ''Windsor Star, page 2, an article on you!!!Since then, it has generated more people asking to work FOR me than people needing my services! God knows I'm going to need them with the reaction to my new business! Thank you to Sharon Hill from the Windsor Star, for informing our seniors of all the services out there for them.
Catherine. Client #1. What a peach of a woman! After an afternoon spent with this graceful lady, we are now friends. The word client seems impersonal and inaccurate. My husband was worried about this.A business woman I'm not, a friend and confident, oh yes! Here's the conflict. I can't imagine charging Catherine for sharing an afternoon together when we both should have been discussing the task at hand! When we said our goodbyes, exchanged hugs,we promised to wear duct tape over our mouths so work might get accomplished! We are in trouble...

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