Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lovely Lunch with Leah....

87 years of love, heartache, children, grandchildren, sorrow, humour, faith, church, friendships, and optimism! This life list belongs to Leah.We had the humble pleasure of breaking bread (egg salad sandwiches) with an adorably witty and wise gal that Tom and I met at the Anglican church. The very moment this dynamo package of maybe 5 ft. saw us, she embraced us like someone dear from our past, and Leah embodied the past like a fine rich full wine. So, today we had her over for a simple lunch, many spots of tea, homemade potato soup, beets, and banana pudding! Upon meeting Leah, you knew you wanted her vibrant spirit in your corner of life, like having a lucky ace up your sleeve. She shared her seasoned story, photos, and a smile that gave the sun a run for its' money! The afternoon escaped us, and before dusk, I walked Miss Leah out to her car, our hands entwined. As she shifts into the driver's seat of her car, she peeks from under her wool knitted hat and whispers,'' Keep care of that dear Tom of yours, and each Sunday while he and I sit together in prayer, I'll do the know, I can do alot in one hour''. Don't doubt, I say!.

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  1. So adorable... And Leah is pretty cute too! :)